Understanding the commodity trader

Understanding the commodity trader

The commodity market is the virtual or physical marketplace wherein one can buy, sell and conduct trading of various primary or raw products. Now there are about majorly 50 commodity market in the world which helps in facilitating investment trading of around 100 varied commodities.

A commodity trader is the one who focuses only on investing in physical substances like gold and oil. These traders are often dealing with those commodities which are used at the beginning of a production process like copper for the construction.  The traders mainly take the positions based on the arbitrage opportunities and the economic trends that have been forecasted.  The most commonly traded commodities are gold and oil but there are also markets for wheat, sugar, cotton, cattle, silver, lumber and other precious metals.

However, to trade in commodity market one should have a proper knowledge and prior experience of the market. But it is not the same for cryptocurrency market.  In cryptocurrency market, the digital currencies are bought and sold with the purpose of earning a profit. You can earn money quite easily without putting any effort if you use the software known as bitcoin code. Check this out here to get a better idea of this automated software.

More insight into commodity trader

In the market, you can find different kinds of commodity trader. Some of them operate independently and they trade on major exchanges, while few other works for the producers of a large commodity like international oil companies.These traders main job is to supply their customer competitive bids and at the same time, they need to secure the best deal for the producer. Also, you can find some of the commodity traders working as broker-dealers.  Even there are few speculators we can find in the marker.  These kinds of traders try to reap in profits by studying the commodity’s price movement. Most of the contracts are hedged.  They won’t have any requirement for these assets, but they will gain some exposure through future and forward contracts.

The commodity trader has to quickly react to the events that move the market. For instance, a natural calamity will affect different markets at a particular time such as a hurricane can wipe out the orange or sugar crops which will result in price rise of these products because of the limited supply.  In order to trade profitably, the traders have to react fast or else, you will not be rewarded as the price would have already changed.


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The Secret To Successful Investing Is To Never Stop Learning

The Secret To Successful Investing Is To Never Stop Learning

Be it a new or a seasoned investor, one thing each of them should realize is that there is never an end to learn about investing. The best investors keep gathering information and learning new things and different ways to evaluate the stocks. This lets them better their trade plan and in turn increases the trading success.

Always understand the volatility of the stocks

A very important thing that you should know when buying a stock for your portfolio is the stock’s volatility. You should know the volatility of the stock which can be done by comparing its beta. The beta of the stocks compares how volatile the stock is as compared to the index. If the beta of the stock is less than one then the stock will not move as much as the market, in either direction. If the beta value is more than 1 then the stock is volatile and will move a higher percentage than the market. Abeta of 1 means, that the stock is as volatile as the market.

Always avoid these mistakes in the stock market

Some mistakes are dangerous and they are a trap to wash away your capital. Know about these well in advance so that you do not fall prey to it.

  • Never invest in penny stocks. These are stocks that do not follow any levels and they are just a trap. Stay away from stocks that are not part of the index or that that are trading at a very low value
  • Never buy stocks because you have heard a rumor. Always do your own research and make an informed decision before you invest into a stock
  • Margin trading seems very attractive but in reality, it is just a way for your broker to make money. The margin is nothing but money that you have borrowed and a beginner in the market you should never be tempted by it. The broker would tell you that it will let you magnify your profits. The other side of the story is that it helps to magnify your losses as well.

In the stock market history repeats itself

It is true that the past performance of the market is not an indication of how it will perform in the future. However, there are many historical patterns and levels that keep repeating time and again. There are many stock patterns that technical analysts study on this trading software to understand how certain chart patterns indicate a particular move.


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How to trade with online stocks?

How to trade with online stocks?

Trading in stocks can be financially satisfying if done in the appropriate manner. Investing in the stock market includes handling the highs and lows in the market. The onset of online trading has resulted in a simpler of trading in online stocks.

It might take some time for you to hone your skills for trading online stocks.  A full report for trading online stocks is as follows:

Knowing the financial performance indicators

In order to completely understand the financial performance of the online trade market, it’s essential to read and be aware of all the latest financial and economic news from the websites. Listening to podcasts or watching online courses about investment trading or joining an investment club in order to acquire knowledge from the experienced and skilled investors would be advisable.

Reading books that provide guidelines for online trading, the basic trading know-hows and risk factors gives an in-depth insight into it.

Train with an online stock simulator

An online stock simulator is a make-believe trading game that duplicates online trading. Making use of it helps you to exercise your skills with zero risks involved. Most of it comes with forums or tutorials where the investing strategies can be discussed.

However, the simulators don’t reflect the actual results of trading and are mainly used to analyze the theoretical trading systems. Actual profits are quite difficult to obtain compared to the imaginary profits. A few online stock simulators are Wall Street Survivor, Investopedia, and MarketWatch.

Trade penny stocks

Most of the companies offer stocks that are traded at a very low cost. This provides the investors with an opportunity to exercise leveraging the market without much risk involved. Penny stocks are mainly traded outside the various major stock exchanges. On a general basis, trade takes place on the over-the-counter-bulletin-board (OTCBB) or via day-to-day publications known as pink sheets.

Most of the legal brokers won’t accept penny stock orders because of the scams and frauds that are ingrained in this market. Beware of the fact that penny stocks can be quite a risky sort of investment. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) says that it is absolutely intrinsic to precisely attach prices to them and that it can be quite complicated to sell once you own them, can’t be easily liquefied. These stocks are also sensitive to high bid-ask spreads, which is the difference in the price of buying and selling the security, thus making it difficult to make money by trading with it.

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Incentive- a motivating factor


Everyone needs some encouragement to do the best in life. So, the best way to encourage an employee is by giving an incentive amount once or twice in a year. The inventive system is a key activity for the management or organization. Incentives are given for the value of the money and also to get the success for the company.

Classification of incentives:

Incentives are classified into many types. They are listed below.

  1. Remunerative incentive
  2. Financial incentives
  3. Moral incentives
  4. Coercive incentive
  5. Natural incentives
  6. Intrinsic intensive

Why are incentives very important in business?

Incentives are nothing but the game changer. Let us learn more about it in this article. Incentives are the motivation factors which encourage the employees in an organization to work better to yield success. If the company gives incentive, it will make the experienced employees retain in the company. Usually, the employees expect some amount as an incentive and if the company fails to give, they will get disappointed.

The company can offer an incentive in many ways other than giving money. Let us take a closer look at those things.

  • Offer flexi-time job:

This incentive will be very useful for the employees who have small kids, old aged persons or ill people at home. They need some persons to stay with them. So, if the company offers the employees the flexitime working hours, it will be a great motivating factor for them to make the company reach greater heights.

  • Dress code:

Many corporate companies are providing this incentive to the employees work over there. The dress code is the thing every company should provide to the workers. It will lessen the cost of buying formal dresses, shoes and all.

  • Positive reinforcement:

Each and everyone loves them to be praised by others. So, the team lead and the manager should praise their employees to make them work better.

  • Give them breaks:

All need some breaks from the routine work. The minds will be fresh after taking breaks, so the employees will be so productive. So, the company should allow the employees to take breaks in between their working hours.

  • Perform some fun activities:

Now, many corporate companies are having some fun activities in one of the five working days. So, the employees get relaxed and do their work even better.

  • Thanking the employee:

The employee should be thanked for their great work done. Then only the employees will be more enthusiastic in the work and will try to make the company reach success quickly.



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Earn money mining cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin mining is the process in which the transactions conducted on blockchain are processed and confirmed. If there were no miners, the cryptocurrency would have ceased to exist as none of the transactions get confirmed.  The people who carry out the mining process are called as miners and they get paid for the assistance offered in form of transaction fee that is charged to the user of bitcoin. You can earn additional money by mining bitcoin and also there are many people who have taken up mining as their full-time job.  Listed below are three ways one can mine bitcoin in cryptocurrency market.

Three ways to mine digital currency

Mining the bitcoin using the app or software- It is the easiest way to enter the world of mining bitcoin. You could use the help of the software which will perform all the work for you. It works similarly like bitcoin loophole that helps in trading online cryptocurrencies. You can read the bitcoin loophole full review here.   The more powerful system you possess, then you will be able to mine more transactions with the help of the software.

Mining bitcoin in the cloud- This is the most popular way of mining the cryptocurrency.  Here you need to pay others to do the work for you.  It is called as cloud mining. The process involves you to sign up the account on the website of the third party and you pay them to mine the coins for you.  Here in this case, the more you pay the more coins the account will mine for you.  The contract of cloud mining is usually for one year. However, there are contracts that continue indefinitely.  The mined coins are sent to your wallet address regularly. The initial payment gets covered easily through the mined cryptocurrency.

Building the mining rig- Those of you who are looking to entering the mining business seriously has to buy an ASIC hardware device which is called as the mining rig. These are the processors that have been specifically designed for the mining the cryptocurrencies. They will be able to perform the work non-stop every day.  This hardware is quite expensive. It will require a huge initial investment. In addition to that, running this device takes up a lot of electricity. Hence it will take some while to start earning the profit. When you use this device, you have to download the advanced mining software which explains what and where to mine.





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The need for retirement planning

Retirement planning is very crucial and important for a relaxed retired life. When you save for this period, you can stay relaxed for a long time and enjoy the hard earned money in very beneficial ways. There are many ways in which you can plan this stage and make it happy and secured for your self and your family members.

One of the recent methods could be investing in shares and keeping a profit which you may receive in future dates. Many have been a success from online trading and have updated their success with all the reviews about the trading robots. Read the bitcoin loophole review as well to know more about the details of this method of trading.

The need for retirement planning is very much necessary for some reasons like

  • Inflation: since we live in a very volatile and volatile world where we get new things and many changes in prices often, we must make the habit for future saving a must in our financial budgets.
  • Fragmentation of nuclear families: the nuclear family setup is making the support for elderly become lesser with each generation. Now couples choose to have fewer children and hence taking their support in future is not guaranteed in all families. Hence be independent by thinking early and starting to save soon!
  • Medical needs: old age is accompanied by health issues and that’s when you get to know how far you require financial help. Relations may get hindered at this point in time where no one will likely take full responsibility for your health condition. Thus keeping health plans for lifetime redeeming policy is a better option.
  • Get in with the saving mindset: when it comes to saving, we always save for dear ones and their future but often miss out our future, the retirement phase which is also equally important. We need to be self-sufficient and hence start this plan as early as we can. This will be helpful one day in the future.
  • No state-sponsored pension plans: some countries don’t have the government-sponsored retirement plans such as the pension plans. This makes the need for saving from the middle age period itself for many of us.
  • Staying independent: if you are a person who feels you need to be emotionally strong through your whole life, then you should be also someone who should plan for this from a very early time, thus you stay strong throughout the retirement period as well.

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Financial Intermediaries – A Boon or Bane to the Economy

Financial Intermediaries are entities that act as middlemen between two parties in a financial transaction. These entities are usually commercial banks, investment banks and other funds that pool money from people and invest elsewhere. They offer a wide range of services to the parties involved such as safety and liquidity of their money, asset management, fund transfer facilities etc. The best example of a financial intermediary is the commercial banks. They are an indispensable part of the financial system.

The business of Financial intermediaries

The main activity of the banking financial intermediaries is to act as a link between people who have excess money and people require money. They act as the pillars of the economy by providing efficient ways of conducting business and channelizing the funds appropriated in the economy. The investment advisors provide investment advice and also help is mobilizing the resources through purchase or sale of bonds, shares, and other financial products. The fund managers provide for the efficient management of the capital pooled in from the shareholders and also increase the availability of capital to the companies.

Role of the financial intermediaries in the economic development

The financial intermediaries are the backbone of the economy. Without them, the economy would not be able to function efficiently.

  • Allocation of capital – The main function of these entities is to mobilize capital. They would not allow money to be idle. They find ways to efficiently utilize the excess capital. Thus it provides for the wise allocation of capital based on the requirements in the economy.
  • Provides funds for self-employment – Banks are the main sources o funds for setting up of new business. Thus it increases the self –employment opportunities by lending funds to the prospective entrepreneurs.
  • Provide for appreciation of capital – The intermediaries such as fund managers provide wealth appreciation to the investors by way of returns on the capital and value appreciation of stocks if they are performing well in the market.
  • Indicators of the economic stability – these entities serve as indicators of the economic well-being of any country. The level of activity shows how prosperous the economy is.
  • Promoters of financial independence – They also provide financial independence to both borrowers and lenders. Borrowers -by helping them to fund their business or trade. Lenders- by providing various income generating options.

The services of these entities do not come for free. They have a cost attached to it. It depends on the type of services availed. They can be in form of fee or commission. Read this review for further details.

A system that is causing a slight threat to these institutions is the crypto currency system where the use of intermediaries is almost absent. Ethereum code is one of the popular online trading software that promotes investment and trade in the second largest crypto currency.




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Does your trading bot offer a demo account?

When you trade with crypto currencies you would understand that crypto currencies behave very much different than stocks. If you are new to crypto trading there is so much to learn about it. But even if you are an experienced trader you would still have to rely on continuous research in order to ensure that you minimize the risks involved. No matter how many hours you spend and no matter how much you prepare yourself nothing beats the knowledge gained out of the experience.

Build your experience

Experienced traders know the struggle involved in identifying the most suitable trading strategy. The biggest challenge would be testing the strategy. Historic data is not going to be enough to understand how the market would behave in the future. So real-time data would have to be used to test and understand the effectiveness of the trading strategy.

Choose a bot with a demo account

There are two benefits to a demo account. One is that you get to really understand how the trading bot works. There are so many trading bots out there that can handle crypto trading with absolute ease. Ethereum Code is one such bot. Check this out to find more about how to use the trading bot and the many features it carries.

Demo account would also be useful for the newcomers in crypto trading. For these new traders who still have not experience the real market scenario demo accounts would be a platform to understand the basics. Besides the above major benefits here are some added advantages to using a trading demo account in a crypto bot:

  • Mistakes are expensive when you trade in the real market. But in a demo account, you would not be losing your money. So you can use it to fine-tune your trading strategies.
  • When you have a new trading strategy to test then you would need forward testing more than backtesting. And for forwarding testing without losing your money you can use the demo account. The data being fed there would be the real-time market data.

There is numerous market simulator software tools available in the market. These would be as interesting as playing a game. But you would be trading with virtual currencies instead of real ones. There are some manipulative bots that hamper the market and these are the ones that you should stay away from. They would make it difficult for you to understand the real deal.

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Trance in Philly

Lee Burridge has carved a niche for himself in the music industry. This feeling must be a very satisfying one. Yet another way to feel confident and at peace with yourself is when you have financial stability.

It is a fact that doing the conventional jobs might be able to pay your bills, but one always will feel the need to have an additional source of income. But sadly most people lack the time to actually take up another job, and would look for an online investment option that is legitimate.

The Brit Method is a name that has been known to be very good. When we got to know about it, we conducted our very own The Brit Method review. Our findings are as mentioned below:

The Brit Method is a relatively new name in the automated binary options trading market. However, it has become known to be an excellent platform with a high success ratio. The functioning is so good that it assures users a confirmed income of anything around $1000-$3000 as a daily income.

The software has been created such that it is constantly scanning the market. It has also been designed to make accurate predictions of the market trends. On the basis of these predictions it places potentially profitable deals for you.

Creating an account with The Brit method

The software has under gone a lot of complicated procedures using codes and sophisticated algorithms. The interface is very easy to use. Additionally, the system also gives you the liberty to adjust the system and customize it according to your needs and preferences.

From your end, you only need to make a minimum deposit of around $300; The Brit Method will do all the other hard work. You need not dedicate much time, nor do you need to understand the complicated graphs and charts of the business.

Creating an account with The Brit Method is also very easy; you simply visit their official website and register with them for free.

You need not download anything, as the complete system is based on the internet.

Once you have created an account, you have to wait to get an email confirmation of the same. You are then redirected to some of the trusted brokers who will carry out the deals on your behalf.

Other features

Though the initial deposit of this system may seem a little higher than the rest, it also increases the chances of profit with that.

Also, the system has an amazing turn around percentage of as much as 80%. This high percentage is proof enough that the system is competent.

On your part, you do not need to devote long hours in front of the computer, or do anything yourself. You can just know the basic details of how the process functions and you are good to do.

Is The Brit method legit?

The complete detailed review was conducted and there was nothing suspicious about it. There were no red flags noted, or any activity that required any special attention. The entire process is transparent and the system does not even charge any additional fees.

The system also has earned the trust of numerous satisfied customers, who have mentioned the same in their testimonials. All this proves that, The Brit Method is 100% legitimate.

In case if you have any queries or have any doubts you can always get in touch with the customer support staff. This service is available round the clock.

About Markus Schulz

He is one of dance music’s biggest stars and often considered the hardest working DJ out there. Seemingly never at rest, Markus is constantly releasing new tunes, performing sold-out arenas and putting out his famous GBDJ Broadcast radio show.

Putting Markus Schulz in Philly is a fabulous thing. One of our all-time favorites, he has performed numerous tours as well as our beloved Phillies’ stadium.

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Guy J has quickly established himself as a leader in the deeper side of dance music. After connecting with John Digweed in 2007, the Israeli producer/DJ/live artist has made a name for himself through mind-bending sets and deep, emotive productions.

Music is definitely one of the best things to happen in life. When you hear music or sway to the tunes, many emotions run through, these could range from anything like joy, happiness, satisfaction and much more.

The exact same emotions can be evoked when you have invested well and are earning substantial benefits. Online investment seems like a good option but the many bogus websites make investing a little doubtful. But names like QProfit System have earned a great reputation despite being relatively new to the trading world.

When we got to know about this system, we conducted our very own QProfit System review

The making of QProfit System

The system has not been made by ordinary people, but in fact a renowned financier from Wall Street and his NASA software engineer friend. So you can be sure, this is no ordinary system.

The makers of this system have not just included algorithms and sophisticated codes but have also used a unique blend of big data investment analysis and quantum speed theory.

It is this factor that gives QProfit System the edge above the rest. It has been developed such that it is constantly scanning the market. It has also been designed to make near accurate market predictions. On the basis of these predictions, as soon as the system spots a potentially profitable deal, it places the deal on your behalf.

The Turnaround percentage

Since the system has been made better than the rest, the turnaround percentage is also extremely high. It reaches a whopping 95%. This high percentage is an assurance that investing with them will not be vain. In fact, when investment is done right, the system assures you a daily income of anything around $2500.

The best part is that the system does all the hard work and nothing other than the initial deposit is expected from you. You need not devote time or efforts and simply sit back and enjoy the profits.

How to create an account?

While the process of registering with them is very easy, they allow only about 50 new members each day. So you know you have to be real quick.

The website is very easy to browse through. You only put in your best details and submit the registration form. As a confirmation, you will get an email. This email will also contain the link to a reputed broker. This broker will then carry out the deals on your behalf.

You only need to make a minimum deposit of anything around $250, and your account is ready to trade.

The system can start working immediately and you can start earning profits. The profits are directly deposited into your account. Also, you can withdraw the amount from your account at any time you deem fit.

IS QProfit System a scam?

The complete detailed review did not reveal anything suspicious or doubtful in it. There was nothing suspicious and the system seems fair. The system also has won the trust of many satisfied customers who have written great testimonials to swear by this system.

All of this proves that QProfit System is legitimate and 100% reliable.

Customer support

In case you have any trading related queries or doubts, the system has a competent team of customer support staff hired for you. This service is available round the clock and are well trained to assist you in any way possible.



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Tickets on sale Monday 2.08 at noon
Bottles are available – vip@soundgardenhall.com

A DJ’s DJ in every sense of the word, Behrouz is a favorite amongst many of the most talented artists and producers on the planet. He is a true story teller and a magician behind the decks evoking powerful emotions through his sound. He is most famous for touching the hearts of listeners and leaving their spines tingling with his emotive selections of deep house ranging to romantic techno, as he likes to call it.

His Robot Heart (Burning Man) residence, numerous appearances at Guy Gerber’s Rumours parties and a fresh release on All Day I Dream have filled countless dance floors with happy feet. In 2013 he opened Do Not Sit on the Furniture (voted #1 small club in Miami) and brought back a slice of realness to a town full with cartoons.

SoundGarden Hall x Disco Donnie Presents pres.
Hacienda feat.



Behrouz in Philadelphia

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